When photographing your project for your portfolio, careful planning is imperative to creating a set of images that tell the story you want, and which represents your project and your brand accurately and beautifully. 

We will have a detailed discussion about the project’s intention and how people interact with the space. 

With a thorough walkthrough and an understanding of the project, we will create our shot list. It’s a collaborative process, where we exchange and discuss ideas, and I share my interpretation of your project as I see it through the lens. We will also consider time of day and how the light will change for each shot. When we are done planning, we will have a detailed shot list that includes ideal times of day for each image we will create, and then I get busy shooting. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


Estimates are structured based on the following:

  • CREATIVE FEE: The Creative Fee includes the time and skill required to complete the project, including pre-production tasks such as Client meetings, advance site visits, site-specific preparation, and all of the necessary photographic equipment. The Creative Fee is quoted on a per-day basis and generally produces 10-15 images spanning varying lighting conditions throughout the day.

    POST-PROCESSING: After the shoot I complete an extensive editing process on the images to achieve portfolio quality, which includes:

    • Blending and lighting adjustments by hand, color correction, perspective correction, and selective contrast adjustments. It is common for the post-processing to consume as much time as the photo shoot.

    • Post processing also includes the storage, backup, culling, digital delivery, and archiving of the final images from your shoot. 

  • PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT: My most valuable asset, and yours, too!  The day goes more smoothly with experienced helping hands, and as a result we get more done in less time, and best of all, the photos are better. Everyone wins.

  • STANDARD USE LICENSE: All final images will come with a standard boilerplate license to use the photos. This standard license covers all of the usage needs for most clients, and additional usage licenses can be provided if needed.


Cost sharing is a very common practice when photographing a project. By bringing in just one additional party you can save over 30% on the architectural photography of your project. Discounts increase for each additional party brought into the photoshoot.

Cost Sharing Example: If a photoshoot is estimated at $3,500, and one party is added to the cost share, the total becomes $4,550 ($3,500 + 30%). The new cost per-party is $2,275. You save $1,225.

Examples of companies that often want access to the photos include: architect, interior designer, landscape architect, construction firm, sub-contractors, materials vendors, furniture vendors, flooring and window vendors, owners/tenants etc.

EVERY PROJECT IS DIFFERENT: There are many variables that can affect the rate of your photoshoot. For that reason, every project is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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